This is the summer of micro-projects!

In an hour, you record a song, write a piece of software, draw an image, write an essay. You publish it online. It might not be a great piece of work. It will be very unfinished, but there will also be a finished-ness about it. For the piece of software, maybe there’s some functionality. For the song, maybe there’s a melody. Maybe there’s a drum beat.

There’s a forward motion. It’s slow, but it’s there. Each thing leads to the next somehow.

I sat down with my guitar and recorded two embryos of songs. I especially like the idea of the track I have called “Take my hand”. In my head it takes the shape of a psychedelic Lennon/McCartney-esque kind of thing.

Take my hand

Simon Kågedal Reimer · Take my hand

In the wind today

Simon Kågedal Reimer · In the wind today