I added support for checking my Gmail account. If there are threads in the Inbox, it opens up Gmail so that I can clear it.

(Yes, I use Inbox Zero. Or at least I think I do. What it means to me is that I strive for, and reach with some regularity, a state where there are no e-mails in the Inbox. Adding this check in my next tool will of course add some extra strictness to the process, and I may very well have to iterate on it. Maybe the rule is too strict. Maybe I should actually read up on some ideas around this, what some good and not good strategies are. I googled around a bit now and found this article that I found quite incomprehensible. I have no idea what that guy wants me to do. But I am curious. Send me an e-mail if you have any thoughts.)

This kind of required me to add some configuration to next, as I need the tool to know about separate accounts and what account to open up. While I absolutely regard this as a tool for myself only, and in that sense could just hardcode stuff, I do want the repo to be free from personal details. Because that feels good.

So I added a little YAML configuration file. Spent too much time figuring out how to properly decode polymorphic JSON types into a sealed class in Kotlin with Jackson. Oh well.