Continuing on my docker-java changes. As I mentioned in the previous post, there were still some failing tests in the DefaultDockerClientConfigTest class. These also originate in the changes from the commit we found earlier with git bisect, where I was moving around the code that loaded the config.json.

The fixes aren’t all that interesting, or pretty. Earlier, when I added the already loaded DockerConfigFile object as a parameter to the constructor of DefaultDockerClientConfig, I just lazily made things compile by adding a new DockerConfig() to those places in the test suite where it was calling that constructor. Adding some manual loading of the docker config file to some of those places that required it made things work.

I also now confirmed that the whole test suite, except the integration tests, is green now now by doing what the docker-java file says:

$ ./mvnw clean install -DskipITs

I tried running also the integration tests before, but didn’t get it to work (from the master branch, that is, without my changes).

Some of the things here in this commit could probably be cleaned up, but I think it’s time to request some feedback from the docker-java maintainers again and see if they think things are moving in the right direction. I’ll do that and then report back.

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