Here’s the next iteration of the track I called “Take my hand”. It now has some vocals. Sounds kind of like a lo-fi Beach Boys lullaby.

Simon Kågedal Reimer · Take My Hand with some vocals

While yesterday’s recordings where done with the Voice Memo app on my iPhone, today I have moved to Garage Band and the built-in microphone on the MacBook Pro. There are some sync problems, I have to move each track back a half bar after recording. May be possible to fix by lowering some buffer size, but I guess you need real equipment to sort this out. Some day, maybe.

The lyics need work. Here’s what I am singing:

Take my hand
Help me understand
Stroke my head
Help me understand

(I don’t like the second “help me understand”.)

I was thinking it would continue with some like:

Why there is fire
Why there is rain
How we were put here
Why I feel pain

Yes, I do feel very silly putting these very unfinished thoughts out here. But it is the way it has to be right now, I am sorry.